Tuesday, July 14, 2009

good riddance (i hope you had the time of your life)

yay for three day weeks!

since i took yesterday off (for secret activities), and i'm taking this friday off (for secret only to karen activities; bridal shower) this week is a glorious three day week for me! and since my depression and fading hope has diminished from last week, i am in a super celebratory mood!! so today, i attempted my very first homemade amaretto sours and i have to say, they are damn tasty. i'm on my second one, along with some cheese, crackers and hummus, so delish! (celebratory moods also require diet breaking....no really, its required)

i really hope that i'm able to share in my exciting news soon. you have no idea how much it's been killing me. everyone who knows me, knows a) i am NOT a patient person b) i CANNOT keep secrets.

its KILLING me!!!

so, to help pass the time, i'll show you a few pics. there would be more, but i have yet to procure a replacement for the broken camera, so pictures are harder to come by these days. i hope that will be remedied in short order.

kertch got me this necklace as a thank you gift for planning her shower and i really like it! i've been working on trying it on with different things in my closet to see what kind of stuff i can pair it with. so far, i like it best with black. but i did just get a "school bus" yellow cardi from club monaco that i'm really digging it with too. hopefully pics of that soon too.

a closeup. sorry about the fish mouth. :)

the other cool thing about these outfits are these new shoes i got to wear in karen's wedding. i think they are copying marni, but i can't remember, and even if i could, i couldn't justify them. i think for the price, these look super luxe. my photos do not do them justice.

the lowdown:
dress: splendid
top: espirit
jeans: joe's jeans
shoes: bdbgirls dalton
necklace: anthropologie thunderstorm necklace