Monday, April 4, 2011

march-ing along *groan*

stats for march: total miles: 109.1 miles, longest run: 10 miles.

right now i am logging my runs in a few different places. I use runkeeper cause I started with that one when I began my marathon training. Its also where the sis and bro-in-law log their runs so it is fun to see how everyone is doing. I also started using the software that came with my garmin as well as a free downloadable software that I heard good things about, but I only use those 2 for outside runs with my garmin so they aren’t very complete. I also have a spreadsheet I keep that is very simple; date and number of miles.

needless to say, I am looking forward to paring this process down. I think I’ll prob end up with the free sw and I’ll just manually enter my treadmill runs (or get a garmin footpod). the good thing about that option is that when I do a monthly stats, I’ll be able to give a total time and thus and average pace. I’m curious about what that might end up being.

sister and I went to the nashua rail trail for our 12 mile run this past sunday. it was refreshing to run on a flat surface…almost made the run seem “easy”. here is my ensemble from the run. Lululemon run:inspire tights in sprinkler, nike shorts, and nike jacket that was FREE with coke points.

is it wrong that I have over $300 in free nike and adidas clothes that I got with coke points? at least its diet coke!