Tuesday, June 22, 2010

paint it black

i have to wear all black to job number 2. strict black; meaning black suit or black dress with sleeves, and black shoes. i actually kind of like it. black isn't something i'm normally drawn to, but there's no denying its classiness (and it's an excuse for more shopping, as in, but i neeeeeed it for work) and so far i've enjoyed getting "dressed up" for work. i try to dress up for job number 1, but when you can get away with jeans and flips flops, it can be hard to motivate some mornings.

back to #2, we ARE however allowed to wear colorful accessories to our little hearts content, so i've been working on that (an excuse for more shopping....i neeeeeed them). my latest purchase was quite the splurge, but i really love it. i love the color and i've been working on learning all sorts of fun ways to tie it. i'll try and post some of my better attempts. i'm also hopeful that i might make me look older/more mature, and help cut back on the amount of times an hour i'm asked if i'm a college student. 15 years ago, beeeotch. (i know, i shouldn't be bitter, but it starts to grate on me)

day without color. niiiice, but missing that je ne sais pas.
the lowdown:
suit: jcrew
tank: mbmj
shoes: lumiani
bag: rebecca minkoff
hair bobby pin: juicy (bridesmaid gift from kertch) (are you reading this, are you?)

day WITH color, luv that pink:
the lowdown:
dress: DVF
shoes: ann taylor
bag: balenciaga
scarf: hermes
bangles: jcrew and various cheapies

and here is a close up of the scarf. it is called "cent plis des maio" in colorway #2, i believe. as soon as i laid eyes on it, it was game over.

Friday, June 18, 2010

first purchase: reveal!

my mood is pretty upbeat today. mostly because its friday and the weather forecast is looking good, but also, i had a really nice night at work #2 last night. my first night on the floor on my own, in fact, and i did a really good amount of sales! i think i'm a natural shoe saleswoman. :)

it was amazing how fast time went by too. there was a sale going on this week, so we were open an hour later than normal, making my shift time 4 hours long, and i swear it seemed like less than an hour. it was an unusual sensation...this time flying by at work thing. i really hope this idea/plan of mine works out in the long run and that i can eventually do something that i love doing everyday. its such a pipe dream at this point, but i think it might just keep me going.

accessories outfit of the day:

the lowdown:
bag: rebecca minkoff MAM
shoes: fendi graffiti zucca flats
leggings: LNA

Saturday, June 12, 2010

first purchase

i'm debating which shoes to get with my first discounted purchase. the first two pair are more practical as i can wear them to both jobs. (see ps) the second are more fun, even tho i'm not normally drawn to logo things. or i can just keep drooling. deciding and planning is way more than half the fun.

salvatore ferragamo varina bow flat

chloe belted flat

fendi graffiti zucca flat

ps-this blog is supposed to be a personal blog, but i do struggle with how much information is appropriate to put here. case in point: last year when josh and i decided to get new jobs and move back to the boston area, there was a whole lotta stuff i would have loved to blog about. the interview process, househunting, my stress and struggle with everything...but then, on the flip side, there's a whole lotta stuff that i don't want lots of people knowing about until its final, kwim? and by the time i can write about it, its not relevant.

so, re: above. i'm sure some of you know. if you don't, i'm sure you can figure it out if you know me well enough. :)

maybe i can time delay my posts by about 3 months. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Randoms, because I'm lazy

just so you don't all feel left out out there in internet land, I'm posting a few OOTD pics I took but never wrote about. don't say I don't ever think about you.....

the lowdown:
pants: theory
tank top: club monaco
blouse: splendid
shoes: jcrew
necklace: jcrew

the lowdown:
top: anthro
jeans: 7FAM
flips: tory burch

the lowdown:
top: splendid
cardi: jcrew
jeans: joe's
flips: tory burch
sunnies: chloe
bag: balenciaga sahara day

the lowdown:
ponchos: courtesy of maid of the mist