Thursday, April 30, 2009

On my way

My first attempt at blogging from my phone. Technology really is
pretty cool.

Here I am waiting in CVG for the last leg of our journey. Outfit is
pretty close to polyvored one. Dress: Fcuk. Cardigan: splendid. Scarf:
club monoco. Sandals: bernardo.

See you in sin city!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

waking up in vegas

is what i'll be doing tomorrow... if i take a nap poolside that is! i'm going to try and post from my phone, but i can't guarantee my mobile blogging skilz, or my coherency. :)

wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Vegas Polyvore Sets

so josh figured out something fun for me to do to kill some time on my last full day of work. we, he didn't exactly figure it out, but something he said inspired me, so i'll give him credit. now these are my first attempts at polyvore, but i think i did pretty good!! enjoy, and let me know what you think!!!


this beauty is what i'm hoping to get in las vegas. i know, i know. its very far fetched, and very unlikely, but where else can you vacation and even have hopes of returning home with more money in your pocket (or new handbag!) than you came with.

balenciagas are my dream bags and i would settle for any style, really. for awhile i thought i wanted a city, but that's more of a handheld bag, and i've come to realize that i'm just not down with that. i'm a handsfree kinda girl, and so the day style is so much better for me. i love the giant silver hardware too. i've mapped out the stores that sell balenciaga in las vegas, now all i need to do is win. hmmmm, that's going to be the hard part!

Friday, April 24, 2009

double the pleasure, double the fun friday

sorry its been so long since an outfit of the day post. i keep meaning to take pictures, but when i get home, i'm just so happy to be there (and NOT at work) that taking pics is the last thing on my mind.

first up is my wine club night ensemble from last weekend. there were only four of us, so we did a wine club "field trip" and went to the brix wine bar in pittsfield. it was really good and we all had a great time. i even managed to stay up past my bedtime when we went to see "knowing" afterwards. it wasn't the worst movie i've ever seen, but it did nothing to move nicholas cage from his most hated actor position.
the lowdown:
top: flounce from nordstrom in soft grey
cardigan: jcrew, black
jeans: true religion billy in supervixen
shoes: stuart weizman babydoll

and now today's outfit. notice the white jeans? this post is just for megan, who totally rocks and helped me get these at a steep discount from anthro. yay meg!

i'm so glad the weekend is here! with nice weather to boot! josh and i already started things off right with some frappaccinos and a nice walk on the bike path. the pups enjoyed it too. :)

less than one week til vegas, can i get a woot woot???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

training well underway

i realize its been quite awhile since i posted my running stats for the week, and i know you all are just dying to know how many miles i've been running, so here you go:

weekly mileage FW14/15/16

3/30: 4.0 miles - knee was really hurting, had to walk a bit
4/4: 5K race
total: 7.2 miles
4/6: 6.0 miles - wore brace, not too bad
4/8: 4.5 miles - wore brace, no pain!
4/10: 4.2 miles - no brace, no pain! things are looking up!
4/12: 7.5 miles
total: 22.2 miles
4/14: 4.0 miles
4/16: 4.0 miles
4/19: 10.0 miles - on bike path. sooo tired of treadmill hell, can't go baaaack
total: 18 miles

i've been running less these last few weeks to take it easy on my knee, and you know what? i think its working! the last week has been pretty much pain free and i haven't even used the brace for the last 4 runs or so.

also, i won't lie. that 10 mile run this past weekend was not easy. the only saving grace was that it was super nice outside and i was too busy being enamored with all the signs of spring and people watching that i didn't even notice the pain (or boredom) until the last three miles. speaking of boredom, i sometimes wonder if that is my main problem. i think my body is capable of anything, and technically, i have the build for longer distance running, but its my brain that can't hack it. body of a marathoner, mind of a sprinter. ug.

5 weeks left till the half. anyone else getting excited??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the results are in: LOVE IT!

i know normally people post the 'before' pictures first, but i like my hair so much, i'm going to start out this story with my favorite 'after' pic.

now lets go back to where our story all begins...

i had my appt at 11:00 at scissor sound in allston, but i got there a little early (10:45ish) and they took me right away. there was only one girl there who seemed to speak english well, and she became my translator throughout the day. she greeted me and took me over to the first person who would be working on my hair. (an intesting side note: i noticed that unlike most salons i've been to where you have one dedicated stylist, here, mulitple stylists would take turns working on each person's hair. sometimes even tagteaming for blowouts or curling. i had a total of 6 people work on me over the course of the day). the first thing she did was show me some pictures of what my hair would look like, and then asked me what was going on with my bangs. :( apparently i've been walking around with funkier bangs than i realized...but you know its not my fault, growing out bangs is hard! then she got to work cutting. after my cut was done, my hair was washed and then some sort of solution was applied. (i didn't ask too many questions, so it was a pretty funny experience trying to guess what was going on and what was going to happen next)
after the first solution was applied, they stuck my hair in what looked like a large chefs hat, with a vacuum cleaner like tube stuck in the back. this was attached to machine that blew air; they turned it on, and my big white hat started to inflate. (kind of like those long waving blowups they put outside of car dealerships to get your attention (i REALLY regret not getting a pic of this) and the best part...steam and fumes continuously came out the bottom. after my hair was done cooking, the chefs hat was removed, another solution applied and my head wrapped in saran wrap. finally, about 2.5 hours in, they rinsed my hair and i saw them bring curlers out. yay! i was starting to get worried.
they put my hair in curlers, then wrapped the curlers in cotton-ball padding and hair clips. then, my favorite part...they plugged me in! and here i am, all digital.

this was the quickest part of the whole process, and after 15 mins, they unplugged me and let me cool. then they put this huge bowl-like collar around my neck, and doused my entire head in a very watery solution. then they did it again. not comfy. finally, my hair was rinsed again, and they led to me my fourth chair of the day, where they twisted my hair into many sections and used a defuser to dry it. some more cutting. some shine serum. and FIVE hours later, i was done.

and now, some pictures. before:

these next few pics were taken a few hours afterwards:
and this last set was taken today. i was instructed to rinse, not shampoo, my hair today with cold water, and this is my attempt at styling it after. i ended up using a curling iron for a few pieces, but otherwise, that's what it looks like after air drying.
i'm really, really happy with the way it came out. i think its going to be a very low maintenance look, that looks like i spent a lot of time on. i plan on trying out a few different techniques to see what ends up working best for me. i bought some fekkai beach waves spray that i'm going to try out next. i'll let you know how that works out!

thank for listening! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We were featured!

i don't know how i missed this last year, but josh and i were featured on cakelava's blog! sasha and rick made our super tasty (and beautiful!) wedding cake, and they were definitely my favorite vendor to work with. aaaand...sasha has just informed me that we will be featured again sometime soon...perhaps just in time for our one year anniversary!

anyhow, check it out!

UPDATED: new blogs are up!

the "gwen" cake

gwen and josh

Feeling Bromantic

this morning on cnn, they did an entire segment on "bromance". apparently brody jenner IS good for something, even if it is only creating a word with instant popularly, the likes of which have been unmatched since "metrosexual" hit the streets. cnn went so far as to interview men on the street to see if they had a bromance partner. even kiran and john got in on the act, with kiran asking john if he was bromantic....hey, i don't mind. i was getting tired of all the pirate talk. what does this have to do with anything, you ask? well, i'm getting to that.

i liken all this bromance talk to the age old "girl-crush", something us woman have never been ashamed to admit. and while i know that they're not exactly the same, girl-crushes have been on my mind since this all went down. so, while reading the satorialist today, i realized, without my knowledge, i have been developing a huge girl-crush on giovanna battaglia. she's featured often on the satorialist, as well as many other street fashion blogs, and for good reason. this latest crop of pictures is so inspirational; i keep scrolling up, then down, then up, then down, and finding something new and asthetically wonderful each time i do. the best part about her, is that she's not a "typical" beauty. and i LOVE that. hence the girl-crush. sigh.

all pics by the satorialist

Monday, April 13, 2009

monday blues

today was not such a great day. nothing major, just an unsettled, crappy type of day. could be one of a lot of things. it WAS monday. i had multiple mini-tiffs with josh all day. i continued procrastination on my current project. i ate lunch at 10:30. ug. and even tho i'm home i'm not really feeling much better.

anyhow, here is my outfit of the day. and here's hoping tomorrow brings more cheer.

excuse the awful chipping manicure. josh's rents were over this weekend, and those are the nails of a cleaning girl... new earrings by erica weiner. love em.

update: i, by no means, meant to imply that the in-laws were messy...i spent time cleaning BEFORE they got there...even tho it was easter, i did not think they wanted to spend time with all of our dust bunnies!! *groan*

the lowdown:
cardigan: splendid grandpa cardi
tee: FCUK tim tee
pants: jcrew
shoes: lumiani

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


off to eat some mexican food with friends. as josh would say, yummy-yum-skins!

had to get the back of the jacket...its my favorite part.

the lowdown:
top: odielle from anthropologie
jacket: united colors of benetton
jeans: joe's honey in vitti
boots: frye, also here

i just can't hide it

i am way too excited about the upcoming vegas trip for my own good. i don't know what has gotten into me today, but i am AMPED! everything is falling into place; all the peeps i'd hoped would come are able to make it, we got awesome seats (for an awesome price) to ka, i haven't fallen off the diet and exercise wagon and am so ready to rock my monokini...the list goes on...

AND here is that list i've been working on. it keeps me busy and helps pass the days (22 to be exact)

things to do:

-art of shaving, mandalay bay - get josh a good classic shave to start the weekend off right
-top of the world restaurant and rides at stratosphere - eating and spinning, always a good combo
-hart and huntington, palms - tattoos for me and megan...anyone else?
-olives at bellagio - i've never eaten here to watch the fountains
-mandalay bay, THEhotel, mix lounge on the 64th floor AND rio voodoo lounge- drinks with a view, nuff said
-margaritaville at the flamingo - happy hour!
-dinner in eiffel tower - did you know that its exactly 1/2 the size of the original. interessment, n'est pas?
-pinball hall of fame - for those times when we're all gambled out (re: broke)
-tequila bar in bally's -50 different tequilas!
-hard rock, rehab sunday's - i might join the single ladies for some spring break like fun in the sun
-mirage volcano-on the hour - gotta do it once
-welcome to las vegas sign - tourista time!
-ceasars forum shops and the fashion show mall - time spent here proportional to luck at tables
-formula 1 racing - now this one i'm really excited about and am hoping i can get a good crowd together
-in and out burger - us east coasters are deprived
-bet on fight and kentucky derby - don't even know what kinda bets you can place, but i feel like its a vegas must

and of course, ka, which we have tickets to on saturday night. i'd also like to play poker. i've never done that in a casino before. oh, and i can't forget...i plan on drinking lots of bloody marys.

now, say what you like about the time i have on my hands (cause after all, you're probobly right) but i just can't help my exuberance. i just can't wait to see everyone!! hang in there, vegas, i'll be there soon!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

erin condren coupon code!!

the fabulous erin condren has a coupon code available!

use "luckybreaks6" for 35% off your entire order. this is huge!!


that's my time from the 5k yesterday. not too bad, considering it was:
a. 38 degrees
b. raining
c. a hilly course
d. run with a knee brace on

i'm still disappointed tho; i know i can do much better than that, since i do on a regular basis. ohs well. there's another 5k coming up in two weeks. i'm gonna break that 25 minute mark if it kills me!

we are living in a digital world, and i am a digital girl

i've been considering something fun to do to my hair. up til now, i was really leaning towards dying it red, a la rose...
but what i suddenly realized last night is that i really envy those curls; the effortless, wavy hair that i've coveted my whole life.

in one of the blogs i read, iamstyle-ish had a digital perm done and she wrote about it awhile back. i was intrigued at the time, but forgot all about it until my epiphany last night. i went back and re-read it, and then spent hours researching as much as i could.

the digital perm was developed in korea and it uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine, which has a digital display, hence the name. during my research, it because abundantly clear that not too many white girls have this done. now, i'm not sure if we just haven't been enlightened yet, or if its going to fry my hair, but its a chance i'm willing to take. i'll consider myself a trailblazer and shall lead the white girl digital perm revolution!

here is what i'm in for:

and here are the results i'm dying for:

i made my appt for fri the 17th at 2 pm in boston's chinatown and from what i've heard its a 3-4 hour ordeal. i don't really know what to expect and i'm trying not to get high hopes, but i have to confess.... i am REALLY excited about this. i only wish boston wasn't so far away and that i could have it done sooner!! i will keep you guys posted with some before and after pics, and maybe even some with me hooked up to the machine...if i can talk someone into coming with me to keep me company. hint, hint. you know who you are. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

help gwen pick a tan colored bag

i need advice. i have a pretty large store credit at nordstrom and its burning a hole in my pocket. those who know me are not surprised. :)
i'm thinking that i shouldn't fritter it away on small items, but should use it to buy something substantial. something that i wouldn't get the chance to get otherwise. so i'm thinking a purse.

and i'm thinking brown/tan/neutral...that sort of thing. i used to have a brown purse and while i loved the color and the leather, the styling was just all wrong. how is it working out for you meg? better than your mom and me i hope! :) (i'm not the only one who just couldn't cope with the styling)

here are my picks thus far.
rebecca minkoff morning after bag in almond (this is the full size MAB, i would go for the mini (MAM))

marc by marc jacobs dr q huge hillier in tan (once again this is the larger size, i would do w/o the "huge")
jcrew leather gallery sachel in tan rose

kooba blake patent in caramel

discussion (gwen's stream of conciousness): i really like the RM MAM, but i'm not sure about the almond color (which is all that is out right now) i know that both latte and cappacino are being released very soon and i think i may prefer one of those colors. (i'm thinking cap...sounds like a really milky tan/brown color...just what i'm looking for) my other concern with the MAM, despite me having lusted after ir for so long, is that i'm afraid it will look too much like luggage. now i know they get really slouchy after a time (my RM nikki did, for sure), but is brown too boring of a color for such a simple shape. hmmm. ok, moving on. the mbmj is another simple bag (all of these bags are pretty simple now that i think about it). restart. the mbmj is another hobo bag, of which i already have two. but i love that shape. should i venture out for the sake of trying something new, or should i embrace what i know works, even if its repetative. i like the pebble-y look of the leather, and with the optional shoulder strap it will def work over a winter coat come next winter *shudder*. i'm just not moved by it. so, next up is the jcrew bag. cheating i know, since i can't use a nordstrom g.c. at jcrew. but i like it. so i thought i'd include it. its much more polished looking to me that the other bags, and i like the contrasting vachetta handles. i might actually go with this one...if i could. i've heard really good things about jcrew bags afterall. but alas. last is the kooba bag. this one is much larger than the others, and less versatile, i think. i kinda want a bag that can be handheld, or worn on my shoulder, and that doesn't look like it would work with this one. the leather is beeeautiful, though. love that caramel color. i think if i could get this leather in the MAM style...i'd be all set. phew. glad that's settled. :) anyone else care to weigh in?


i'm always a bit late with posting the outfit of the day. i should call it, OOYD: outfit of yesterday. sometimes i feel like i should just pass it off as today's outfit, but them i'm afraid that on the off chance someone might be reading this blog, that they'll call me out on it. how embassasing would that be. haha.

so, thursday's outfit. i bought this vest off ebay for $6!! its a scosh small, but that's what you get for $6 off ebay. i smooshed into it ok i think. ignore the crookedness, i think it got tweaked during all the picture taking...

and here's a closeup:
with scarf for that added je ne sais quoi:

the lowdown:
shirt: jcrew tee
vest: no name from ebay
jeans: rock and republic siouxsie utility trouser in gloss
shoes: anthropologie ruffle peep toe
scarf: lovequotes in bali - b-day present from josh!

gilt-free shopping

ok, so that title's not really accurate, since i did feel a twinge of guilt when i hit "complete purchase" and also, since i was purchasing from gilt, it was more like gilt-y shopping...but whateve....let's ignore the cutesy title and get on with it. :)

so i finally made my first purchase from giltgroupe this week! i've tried before, but was thwarted. either i was too late to the sale and missed the good items entirely, or i was too indecisive and let my cart expire. not this time. for my first purchase, i ordered two ali ro silk tops. they are really pretty and i'm very pleased.

its hard to see in this picture, but what i love about this one, is the three hammered silk panels on the front. i love hammered silk for some reason....

the colors in this one are awesome. i think it will go with just about everything. both of these tops are so floaty and girly! can't wait to wear them. i officially heart ali ro.

i'm even happier with the service that i got from giltgroupe. i didn't really have any expectations, but they defintely exceeded them. they shipped the same day i placed my order, i received it two days later and it was very nicely packaged with tissue. the shirts even came on hangers. also, the pictures and descriptions of the shirts were super accurate. this is really important to me, being an online shopper, because that's all i have to go on. there's nothing worse than getting something that looks nothing like the picture.

these tops were 50% off and that's about the least amount off you see at gilt. usually its more. i must say, this will not be my last purchase from gilt and i totally recommend them!

for an invite: