Friday, June 19, 2009


my banana republic necklace arrived, and as promised, here are the pics. saying i reeeeeally like it is kind of an understatement. i think its totally rad! i have a black tank top that i think i'm going to wear it with next.

as a side note, i hope there will be a lot more posting coming up. there are great things on the horizon for the spitler clan and i can't wait to blog all about it. stay tuned!

since i'm feeling a little brainscattered, i thought i'd throw in the latest pic of the adorable kona tiberious and nala amadala. too cute, those two.

Monday, June 8, 2009

guest OODing

we spent some time at the outlets this weekend, and you will all be happy to know i was VERY good. there was this awesome maxi dress at michael kors, but i dutifully resisted, albeit with a fair amount of whining about how much i loved the dress afterward. still. small victories.

josh, however, was quite spendy and bought this awesome suit and dress shoes. we went to about five men's suit type places with little luck, and then as a last stop, stopped in calvin klein on our way out. well, we should have know to shop there first, as their stuff always fits josh to a T.

here is josh looking dashing in his new suit! (he may deny this, but he actually suggested this photo shoot. as he was trying on his suit and shoes at home, he said, "are you gonna do a blogondo post about my outfit??". i had to oblige!)

the lowdown:
suit: calvin klein
shirt: jos a banks
tie: express
shoes: cole haan

Thursday, June 4, 2009

belated outfit post

i'm bored and can't think of anything fun to write about. so i'm just going to post an outfit from last weekend.

the lowdown:
tank: club monaco
cardi: splendid
skirt: club monaco
flip flops: jcrew
purse: rebecca minkoff BBW MAM
tired look: priceless

tomorrow's last. yay!

bib necklace

hate the name, but love the look!

since i'm trying to stick to my budget, but still scratch the itchy trigger finger when i MUST, i'm trying to find interesting ways to add cute accessories to my wardrobe. i had some BR rewards coupons burning a hole in my proverbial pocket, so when i saw this necklace, i couldn't resist.

sunray bead necklace, banana republic

it will match perfectly with my new nailpolish. oh, and all the other coral colored clothes i got before i went on my ban.

sephora by OPI, lost without my GPS (top row, 2nd from left)

i have high hopes! will do an outfit post when it arrives.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bon Anniversaire Lovebear

its our one year anniversary today. and i love my joshy more than ever!! mush, mush. ok, i'm done.

my purse family

since my camera died and i wanted to list one of my older purses on ebay (see here if you're interested :) coach large leather gallery tote), i borrowed my friend becky's camera the other day. and since i was already taking pictures of one purse, i figured i'd just keep going. there's also some OCD part of me that likes documenting things. i once took over 100 pictures of the rooms of our house in case i needed them someday. for insurance purposes. or somesuch.

in addition to the few pictures i'm posting here, i also narrated my purse journey over at tPF. if you like purses, and you're not a member, i highly recommend it. gwendy's pursetory

my latest love (also a one year anniversaire present from my joshy)
rebecca minkoff morning after mini in black/blackwoven

the infamous "minkie pile" (its a tPF thing)

the entire cast.
clockwise from the top righthand corner: foley & corinna mid-city tote in glazed eggplant, longchamp le pliage in navy, RM nikki in cloud grey, RM MAC in wine, RM MAM in black/blackwoven, lauren merkin louise in black, kooba devin in ivory, jalda python day bean clutcth in gold.

now i need to get less lazy and actually change them out to match my outfits. i may need to start waking up more than 15 minutes before i need to leave the house every morning. ewwww.