Saturday, May 30, 2009


my half marathon time!!

i've been waiting for the official time and pictures to get posted before i wrote this post. it took them long enough!

so, im still pretty pleased with my time, considering i was really only aiming for under 2 hours, but it seems that i didn't run quite as fast as originally thought. from the run to remember website:
making my pace time 8:44 minutes/mile instead of 8:30. so that kinda of stinks, but oh well.

here are some pictures of me. keep in mind running pictures are NEVER cute. well, except for this last one. so let me rephrase. keep in mind running pictures of ME are NEVER cute. liz, she's another story. :)

(images courtesy of brightroom, as if you couldn't tell)

i'm also a bit peeved because i wouldn't have minded paying a couple bucks to get these pictures digitally, but nooooo, they want to charge me an EXORBITANT 25 bucks for EACH picture. as josh just said, you ran 13 miles, they should give you a picture. amen brother.

Friday, May 29, 2009

summer neutrals

i'm not normally a tan/pale pink/off-white kinda girl, but this summer its hard to escape them. and they are totally growing on me. here a some of my favorites from shopbop. when is this shopping ban over again?? :) i can almost hear your comment in my head now joshy, so don't bother. :P

alexander wang donna hobo
i totally *heart*

pencey wave top

loeffler randall flynn ruffle thing flat

side note: funny story about this dress. this morning, i got an email from shopbop with this dress as the centerpiece. it immediately grabbed my attention, i clicked over, saw all this pretty stuff, and this blog entry was born! so, loving this dress as i do, i went to it, looked at the pictures in their larger iterations, checked out the sizes, sighed annoyingly at the price and got in the shower. WELL, when i went to go write this blog entry, i couldn't get a good picture of this dress anymore because in the 20 minutes it took me to take a shower, this dress had COMPLETELY sold out!!! and anyone who knows shopbop knows that means no more pretty pictures. so i must leave you with this one which is not at all as good. this dress is gorg! and i'm not the only one who thinks so!!

haute hippie mirrored dress

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feather top and oil change

Just sitting here waiting for my oil to get changed and I thought I
would multi task and blog at the same time.

I'm soooo glad the week is finally on the down side. Five day weeks
are tough. I really need to get working on my resume. Why am I such a

In other news, josh gave me permission to try on my dream purse. One
step closer!!!

The lowdown:
Top: marc by marc Jacobs
Skirt: club monoco
Sandals: matt bernson again. They are just so comfy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

rebecca minkoff

i've been spending a lot more time that usual in the RM forum on tPF. it mostly had something to do with me expecting my wine MAC special order that i placed about two months ago. (before the ban went into effect.) but somewhere along the way, i became obsessed. i've always liked RM bags (i have a cloud grey nikki) but now i want them ALL. uh oh.

here is my latest love. ain't she purty. :)

the lowdown:
dress: french connection
sandals: matt berson gladiators in gold
purse: rebecca minkoff morning after clutch in wine

and maybe, just maybe, if i hope and love hard enough, this might be my one year anniversary present. wink wink. ily jish. *kiss*

rebecca minkoff black basketweave morning after mini

Sunday, May 17, 2009

sunday, movie day

it really HAS been a long time since i posted last. i hope the few, devoted readers that i do have haven't moved on to greener pastures...i promise i'll be better! something i cannot promise however, is quality pics for your viewing enjoyment, since my camera decided to crap out on me this week and all i'm left with is my iphone camera. its really kind of a bummer about the camera too. i was finally starting to use it more, and bring it with me places, and remember that i even had it in the first place. i guess it couldn't handle all the attention. :)

today, josh and i are off to see angels and demons. may is so jam packed with movies, we basically have a movie schedule that we are adhereing to. i opted out of star trek last weekend (heard it was "awesome"...i'll wait till i get it on netflix), we still have to see wolverine, transformers next weekend, and last but not at ALL least, harry potter in july. i'm also looking forward to bruno, tho i have a feeling i may have to see that one solo. i'm not complaining tho, winter movies SUCK!

i know you're all DYING to see my fabulouso movie outfit...get on with it gwendy, you say, enough mindless, here tis:

the lowdown:
dress: splendid
cardigan/shrug thingy: jcrew
leggings: splendid
boots: my beloved uggs
bracelets: linea pelle dome studded bracelets

i had put my uggs away for the summer, but today is so rainy, cold and miserable, that i wanted to snuggle in them one last time. i won't lie, i've missed them!

oh, one last thing...i signed up for twitter! feel free to follow me for some up-to-the-minute gwendy action. :)

hope everyone is doing well out there in internet land!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

about town

so today i was hard at work on my sister's bridal shower. only 2.5 months left! yikes. i had selfishly been focusing on vegas, vegas, vegas, so as soon as we got back home, i scared myself into working on it. only 2.5 months left! that got my butt in gear, and i had such a fun day of craft shopping and planning. i'd forgotten how much fun i have when i get immersed in something like this and really get the creative juices flowing. the day flies by and i feel so productive!! i wish i could share more details, but i believe the sis does lurk on my blog every now and then, so you'll all just have to wait. :) its going to be awesome tho!

here is my michaels/staples/joanns fabric shopping outfit:

the lowdown:
cardigan: jcrew
tee: jcrew
belt: linea pelle (love, love, love her belts. got this one with my amazon rewards!!)
jeans: joe's do-it-yourself boyfriends, previously honeys
flips: havaianas slim animal in brown
purse: longchamp le pliage in navy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

first day back

well, we're back from las vegas.

i had an AWESOME time with many good stories added to my repertoire and it was really fun to see everybody. hopefully i'll be able to do a proper post about it all in the next day or two; my brain is just too tired right now.

i tried to take more OOD pics while i was out there, but i kept forgetting. here is the only one i got:
the lowdown:
sunnies: marc jacobs
shirt: ali ro
cardigan: splendid
jeans: joe's
sandals: matt bernson
purse: foley and corinna
watch: michael kors
phew, that's a lot. i was all decked out!

and my other favorite one with all my friends!!
well, a few friends are missing. send me your pics! i only had a select few on my phone.