Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Runner's Knee?

is that an actual thing? seems like it should be, if its not. but no matter, i've got it whatever its called and its starting to worry me. i first noticed my knee feeling a bit funny a few weeks ago, but it wasn't anything major and i thought i'd just tweaked it or something. but the feeling persisted, and finally yesterday, it brought my workout to a screeching halt. i had to do what pains me most in a run...walk. and its not feeling any better today. uh oh. i guess i'll try and stay off of it for the next few days, especially since i'm doing a 5k this saturday. this can't be good.....

weekly mileage FW13

3/23: 5.2 miles
3/24: 5.2 miles
3/25: break
3/26: 5 miles
3/27: 5 miles
3/28: break - meant to go outside and run, but had higher priority items, ahem, shopping
3/29: 7.5 miles - knee didn't hurt on this one...hmmmm

weekly total: 27.9 miles

Sunday, March 29, 2009

i've got shoe fever

ok, so i went a little shoe crazy this week. i blame it on the weather. march and april are so unpredictable, and i always need to be prepared!!

rainy days that aren't hot, but aren't cold either:

bought these jcrew alessia flats off ebay after realizing how much i loved them just a little..tooo..late. i searched high and low for them at jcrew. used the buying/selling feature of http://jcrewaficionada.blogspot.com/. but no luck. luckily i like the color and they fit, and so all is well in ebay land for now.

check that blog out if you have time...lots of girls who are IN LOVE with jcrew. they do product reviews a lot, too, which i find super helpful.

dry, cold days where i have errands to run:

bought these puma speedcats to replace an old pair of suede royal elastics that i loved to death. i looked down at work one day and realized just what a mess they had become. i'm hopeful that these pumas will realize what big shoes they have to fill *groan* and live up to the challenge. :)

warm spring days where the smell of life is in the air!!:

i already blogged about these pink studio londons when i wore them out for the first time on a day which definitely fit their intended purpose. spring! and warmth! and life! (can you tell i'm REALLY tired of winter?) josh has been watching madmen on DVD from netflix all week, and i think my fashion choices are being subliminally inspired. now, i know these aren't exactly fifties-wear, but they are certainly more nostolgic than i normally dress. so girly and i'm loving it!

sunny saturday

wore this dress out to our mini celebration dinner.

the lowdown:
dress: tibi
shoes: pink studio london
watch: michael kors (the spoils from my nordstrom trip!!)

there were two things to celebrate today: one, the best weather of the year so far. we hit 60! which means, unlike most of my posted pics thus far, i actually left the house looking just like my picture, instead of having to cover up with some uncoordinated winter jacket. and two, my super, secret mission to nordstrom was a success! i don't want to go into too many details, but let's just say that i didn't drive 4 hours for nothing! (yes, sadly, nordstrom is 2 hrs away...and in another state)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, on Friday

so here is a better attempt at a green outfit. hope this one pleases you laura! :)

as a side note, does anyone else find it uncomfortable to sit at a desk while wearing high heels? i feel like i can never find a good position for my legs. my desk is pretty low, so i can't cross them. and if i keep them out in front of me, i lean back too much to really type on the keyboard. so basically, i end up slouching all day. just what i need....worse posture. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

the lowdown:
sweater: banana republic
t-shirt: splendid v-neck
scarf: club monaco
jeans: true religion billy in supervixen
boots: apepazza giotta - again

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday et al

i've been a little slack in posting my OODs, but i have been taking pictures every now and then. i figured i'd just throw them all into one post and overload you all with the gwen-ness.

st. patty's day: wore the only green item of clothing i own. i'd like to change that fact eventually, but whenever i'm given the choice, it seems purple always wins.

the lowdown:
top: anthropologie
sweater: jcrew
pants: jcrew city fit khakis
shoes: tsubo, bought from athleta years ago (they are looking rough)

travel outfit to boston: i can not get enough of my uggs. no surprise, really, from a girl who grew up in a flipflip loving family (though my mom calls them "thongs", which wierds me out now that i know better)
i resisted buying them for too long. don't hate the uggs people!!!

the lowdown:
top: gap
sweater: jcrew
jeans: jbrand 12" skinnies in ink
boots: ugg classic tall in sand

yesterday: i liked this outfit enough when i picked it out, but i really like it looking at the pictures. its funny how your perception of an outfit can be so different than what it actually is.

the lowdown:
top: club monoco
sweater: jcrew in bright papaya
pants: jcrew
shoes: tory burch revas in black silver

plus i wore...gasp...makeup. gotta do that more often. after all, i'm no spring chicken anymore. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the week in running 2

weekly mileage FW12

3/16: break
3/17: tummy distress part one: 4 miles
3/18: tummy distress part deux, ok, now its getting old. cut the workout short: 3.5 miles
3/19: left work early. running break
3/20: 5.7 miles
3/21: 4.9 miles on karen's tready
3/22: 4.9 miles - 1% incline

weekly total: 23 miles

i just loved running on karen's treadmill in the mornings when i woke up. i'm always up before everyone else anyhow, so it was the perfect time to get a nice run in before the day caught up with me. i think i'm going to stalk one on craigslist now...

Filling the gaps

back from boston! had a nice, relaxing time and it was great to be out amongst the living. i always forget how fun people watching can be.
as i was unpacking from the trip, i started organizing my clothes, trying on some possible outfits, and taking stock of the situation. i manage to feel like a "responsible" shopper when i'm at least filling the perceived holes in my wardrobe. while kertch and i were in anthro, i tried on this great pair of white jeans, that i stopped just short of buying, but that have been haunting me ever since. not only did they fit super well, but the very thought of them transports me to some exotic island vacation with the sun on my shoulders and an umbrella drink in my hand...ahhhh...i found them online, and resolved the regret by telling myself i will wait/find them at a considerable discount.

soooo, back to the closet assessment. i think white jeans are DEFINETLY missing from the completed closet, as i see it, along with a few other things. so without further ado, i give you the summer of '09 most wanted (the condensed version :).
Joe's Jeans - Honey in Jenny

Yaya Aflalo - Lena Pocket Tank
Linea Pelle -Studded Bracelets

Splendid Cropped Leggings - Black

every one of these items doesn't just create one or two outfits; i can see them working with at least a dozen other things that i currently own. its a great feeling for someone like me who's yoyo dieted for most of her life, and therefore never had a cohesive, well-fitting stockpile of nice clothes to wear. i feel like i'm finally close to that place: a closet for every occasion. one where i go in with a plan, and come out feeling fabulous.

Friday, March 20, 2009

i think i'll go to boston

since josh is off golfing this weekend, i thought it would be great to visit the sis and future bro-in-law in the boston area. i think i've got a touch of spring fever and hopefully this change of pace helps get me through the next few weeks til vegas.

should be back with the regularly scheduled programming on monday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the week in running

meant to post this earlier in the week, but was lazy and/or forgot.

weekly mileage FW11

3/9: 5 miles
3/10: intervals: 4.6 miles
3/11: 4.5 miles
3/12: much needed break
3/13: 5 miles
3/14: 6.3 miles outside on those dratted hills again
3/15: tres tired from the day before: 3.5 miles

weekly total: 28.9 miles

so i've committed to the run to remember in boston on memorial day. hopefully i don't fall off the wagon in vegas like i always do.
depending on how that goes, i may join liz in san antonio in november for another half.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My new Jalda

and now about that teaser post that i left you with last week.

isn't it always the way: when you're trying to be good, and trying not to spend money, the sales come from out of no where. i started off strong, passed by a few of them, but after awhile the deals wore me down. it was no use. being forced to watch an entire compilation of borg epsiodes had taught me well: resistance is futile.

and i couldn't be happier that i gave into this one. i had heard great things about jalda handbags in the past, and i really like that she is an american designer who makes all her bags in the u.s., specifically l.a. as far as bags are concerned, for some reason, i really favor the indie american designers. i feel like their bags are new and fresh..the next big thing, if you will, and i like being a part of that.

so without further ado, here is my new jalda python day bean clutch. its my very first exotic bag, and very gwen. i have lots of outfits planned for her already!

love the turquoise!

Some Early Easter Love

if there's anything i love more than clothes...and shoes...and bags...its PAPER!!! i love embossing it, cutting it, stamping it, and folding it; my favorite wedding related purchase was my xyron; the best part about christmas presents are the wrappings and ribbons, and i get positively giddy upon entering a papersource. its true. i love paper.

combine this with the fact that i am a huge sucker for packaging, and its easy to see why i am so excited about...these:

ever since my friend sheila introduced me to erin condren by way of a beautiful engagement present, i have found every excuse to order from them. i purchased these last week after i got an email about their new easter cards.

one look and i couldn't resist. i actually squeeled when i opened the box, that's how cute they are.

now if it was only easter already...

Friday, March 13, 2009

What can brown do for you?

a new "something special" came in the mail for me today. i'm going to do a proper post this weekend, but i just wanted to leave you with a little teaser...

Friday Yay!

i had a meeting today with a few muckity mucks, so had to wear my most capable looking outfit. this is the blouse i wrote about a few days ago, and my first time actually wearing it out. i used the time tested "tuck it into my underwear" technique to keep it nice and tucked in, which worked great. i have to say...i love this blouse! i felt like such a sexy, business woman all day long. it was, in fact, nearly the only thing that kept me going during my all...day...long meeting. 8-5. on a friday. should be illegal.
if you get the chance, i totally recommend getting this blouse. i normally wear a size 4, sometimes a 6 on top, and i bought this in a 4. pretty true to size, although i probably could have gotten away with a 2. now i really want it in sand......

had to include the pic with kona. she wanted to say hi to everyone!

the lowdown:
coat: jcrew lady day cloth coat
shirt: kate boggiano lexi blouse in tomato
pants: jcrew favorite fit super 120s durham
shoes: lumiani francine in black snake
pup: rhodesian ridgeback in "i'm just too cute"

pictures taken by josh, who, contrary to popular belief, does not take awful pictures! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wardrobe 101

i'm starting a new series of posts for my friend laura who asked me to help her find some good solid work basics. i tried to look for pieces that were pretty standard, but still had personality. i know when i've gone shopping for a specific item before, say, black pants, sometimes i end up settling on plain old black pants, just to get them "checked off the list" it's taken a couple disappointing purchases for me to realize that this method just doesn't work. i need to be inspired. excited. happy to put on my super snazzy black pants with the sailor style waistband and perky back pockets!! ok, enough chatting, lets get started.

today i'm going to start with white (or neutral) work shirts.

this first one is the most basic of the bunch, but i really like the pintucks and the convertable sleeves. i think this shape is pretty universally flattering as well.
DKNY-jean roll sleeve shirt
nordstrom, $69.00

this next one i actually just bought for myself, only in a really nice "tomato" red color. i was quite torn between that and the sand, and for a brief moment contemplated getting both, but i managed to restrain myself (for the time being at least) :) i also love that its 100% silk (i'm trying to start looking at what clothes are made of, and judge for myself whether they're worth XX, instead of falling for brand names all the time)
lexi blouse
kate boggiano.com, $74.99

i like this one for the same reasons i like the previous shirt and this one has the added bonus of ruffles!! yes! can't get enough of those. i feel like this would make a really great layering piece or by itself in the summer, if your job allows.
joie-brett ruffle blouse
bluefly.com, $91.99

and now two more that i had to add to the list, even tho they don't quite fit the criteria.

i love, love, love this one by leifsdottir (one of my new found favorite designers) (actually an inhouse designer for anthro i recently found out, and that totally makes sense) however...it is well over the limit of $100 given to me for this search. that doesn't keep me from bookmarking it and hoping for a super sale tho!
leifsdottir-breadfruit blouse
nordstrom (also anthropologie), $258.00

this last one is a little more casual than the others because of the open back and bubble-like hem. its also more trendy due to the studs at the collar and sleeves. its on the list because i think it could be worked a bunch of different ways and depending on your work situation, is pretty much acceptable for most places. and also, cause i really want it. :)
ella moss-jagger 3/4 sleeve top
shoplastyle.com, $75.00

now, i know this is a white, work shirt post, but laura also mentioned she needs help accessorizing. so with each post i'm going to throw in one or two cute accessorizes that i've been eyeing. today we have this ostrich embossed belt from banana that looks way more expensive than its $59. banana is having a 30% sale right now too with the code "new30". total steal!
embossed leather belt
banana republic, $59.00

we also have this python cuff bracelet from ted rossi. its classic, and chic, and python!
ted rossi- python curve cuff
lunaboston.com, $105.00

that's all for now. next installment...black skirts. see you then!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

i forgot to take a picture of my outfit while wearing it yesterday, so i had an impromptu photo session this afternoon. i really like these boots. they are my first pair of fryes and i can see what all the fuss is about. they get more and more comfortable every time i wear them...which really isn't often enough. i feel like i really need to step it up in the next couple of months before its too hot to wear them. not that i'll be complaining!

the lowdown:
top: sanctuary from anthro
jeans: joe's jeans, honey vitti
boots: frye dorado riding boot
headband: banana republic

and now on to today's outfit. this was the maiden work voyage for this jacket, and to be honest, i'm kind of sad no one complemented me on it. i just think its the coolest. but maybe everyone thinks like josh, who told me it looked "grandma-ish". boys. :P

the lowdown:
top: jcrew black tank
jacket: rebecca taylor boucle jacket
jeans: joe's jeans, honey vitti
shoes: jcrew
handbag: rebecca minkoff nikki in cloud grey

My Favorite Websites

since i spend so much of my time shopping online, i thought i would share some of my favorite sites. i'll try and categorize them....


shopbop: pretty much my favorite site, mostly for its variety of high and low end items. the site layout is really nice too. i’m kind of a sucker for that.

revolveclothing: another site with tons of variety, maybe even more than shopbop. also, THE best sales ever. and they always have at least one coupon code floating around (JT always works for 15% with no exclusions)

net-a-porter: i usually can’t afford to buy much from this site, but I can spend hours looking at the mannequins. i usually find an item i like , see how net-a-porter styles it, and then try to incorporate some of that into my own look.


tobi: tobi seems to have a lot of clothes that appeal to me. the only downside is since they are located on the west coast, it can take forever to get something i order…need to return it? that’s another two weeks. its not really their fault tho, and i still order from them often.

lunaboston: once again, a site that realizes the importance of styling in their product information. before i buy a purse anywhere, i check out lunaboston. not only do they always show it on a model multiple ways, but they give you detailed info about the leather’s shine and smooshiness (technical term)

bluefly: i’ve scored some pretty good deals from here. paying for shipping kind of annoys me, but if you catch one of their daily deals just right, there are total scores to be had. also, well known for constant codes.


chickdowntown: now i personally have never had an issue with them, but i have read plenty of horror stories. i figure if the deal is good enough, i’ll risk it. they often have 50% off or more, even on sale items!!

the others:

the following is a list of places i’ve shopped when i’ve wanted a particular item. these tend to be smaller, more nitch type stores.

winknyc, funkylala, singer22, clutchseattle, museten, pinkmascara, eluxury, yoox, miostile

zappos: just realized that i didn’t want to forget about my online shoe buddies. zappos is still the one to beat, but lately i’ve noticed that endless pretty consistently beats zappos on price and even, gasp, overnight shipping, which used to be zappos claim to fame.

member only sites:

there are also a few sites that sell designer duds at deep discounts (yay, alliteration). these are member only sites, but i can give out invites for any interested parties!

giltgroupe: my favorite

also: editorscloset, ruelala, hautelook, ideeli

hope that didn’t overwhelm anybody! or put you to sleep, depending on the audience. :) what did we ever do before the internet??

Sunday, March 8, 2009


this outfit is pretty sassy (at least for me), but i never really get the chance to dress up out here in the berkshires, so i felt like i should seize the day!

we had a great time at the pillars restaurant...i ordered two of their specialties: the chicken almondine (breaded chicken with hollandaise sauce, lots and lots of yummy hollandaise sauce) and the chocolate piano (josh was a skeptic due to the raspberry mousse, but he converted FAST!)

happy birthday becky!

the lowdown:
coat: soia and kyo margo jacket in cherry
top: development
jeans: j brand 12" skinnies in ink
boots: apepazza giotta

Saturday, March 7, 2009

8 Mile(s)

the weather here is sooo nice today, 50+ degrees, sunny, all the snow is melting. i'm loving it!

so to celebrate, i went for my first outside, long run of the season.

i was so excited to get out that i forgot i've only been training on a treadmill for the last 4 months.

hills: 1, gwen: 0

Boyfriend Jeans by Gwen

when i first saw this boyfriend jean trend emerging (thank you katie holmes), i have to say, i really was NOT a fan. but those pesky marketing techniques seem to work, and here i am, dremel in hand, ready to transform a pair of joe's honey jeans into a work of art!

i got the idea for this project while browsing the lookbook pages of shopbop. since i'm on a shopping ban (well, i was, till i broke it on a beeeautiful jalda python clutch, but more on that in a later post), i didn't really think i would have the opportunity to try out this look. then inspiration hit. i remembered a pair of previously loved jeans, now relagated to the back of the closet since i had
a. stretched them out
b. hemmed them too short
c. faded them with too many washings in hot water
d. been attacked by nala as a puppy, while wearing them

they were already halfway there! perfect!

my mission: boyfriend jeans

the inspiration:

the before:

the arsenal:

i started off rather timidly, sanding down the front of the thighs and the back of the butt, trying to get a more faded, whitewashed look in those areas. i was actually surpised at how much denim dust i generated, and how much denim dust kona likes to eat! then i started using the grater and zester to try and make the type of holes that i wanted. i think it would have been easier if i'd had a proper handheld grater, but that is the ONE thing i never got at crate and barrel. this was slow going, so i moved on to using the leatherman. that seemed to work a little bit better, but i wasn't able to get the white threads to show through so that's when i brought in the bleach pen. it didn't really bleach it right away like i thought it would, but it turned out out pretty white after the wash. the big breakthrough came when i remembered that josh had a dremel tool sitting up in the closet. this worked really well, and i was able to shape the holes just how i wanted them, and make them either actual holes, or just well worn sections. after i was done, i threw it in the washing machine.

the result:

all and all, i'm really pleased with the result! i think they'll look just as good with a dressier top for night, or some gladiator sandals this summer. and with just a little elbow grease, they were free! (so that makes it ok that i broke my ban yesterday, right josh?) :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An oldie but goodie

i know lesportsac has been around for a long time, but for some reason, i'm kind of a little obsessed with it lately. it may stem from my need for organization, or my longing for travel (somewhere, anywhere, please), but i just can't get enough of the clean lines and cute patterns.

i got this one for my favorite co-worker's birthday this saturday
and of course, i had to get something for myself

and there are more than a few more i'm eyeing:

love the snakeskin!!

would work well in my purse

reminds me of tokidoki crazed tweens, but i'm oddly drawn to it
what do you think? am i just getting old, or is lesportsac cool again?