Sunday, July 24, 2011

try the tri week 2: karen joins

another great week at try the tri!  since this was karen's first outing, we decided to swim together, so my swim time was a little slower.  (ignore the peeper in the yellow cap.  he was totally drafting off us.  :))
swim time: 13:50  (+6 min from last week)(swam with karen)
t1 time: 2:19 (+31 secs from last week)(fiddled with my garmin)

but i totally killed it on the bike (shout out to the speedy "silver bullet").
bike time: 33:06 (-4: 26 mins from last week)
t2 time: 1:22 (+7 secs from last week

the run remained about the same, but i felt much better.
run time:17:02 (-36 secs from last week)

overall: 1:07:39 (+1:36 from last week)(yay!  really good considering the swim!)

it was super hot (hellllo heat wave) so i didn't put on my new wetsuit even tho i should be practicing with it.  here, we can pretend.
wetsuits are soooo flattering.  :)

only 3 more weeks of try the tri.  i am going to make it to at least one more, if not two.  and then its only a matter of weeks until the real deal.  SheRox on Sept 25.  get excited people!

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