Monday, July 25, 2011

week 4 training

10 weeks to go

totals: swim 400 yds, bike: 25 miles, run: 34.3 miles
mon run 6.1 mile run with marcie.  Still super humid out.  (55:12/9:05 pace)
tues run 6 mile run (53:44/8:53 pace).  Still hot, but I'm getting better at handling it.
wed swim/bike/run try the tri.  400 meter swim (13:50), 9 mile bike (33:06), 2 mile run (17:02)
thurs rest
fri run 12 mile run with jess.  Failed 14  mile run and hottest day of the year. (2:04:00/10:24 pace)
sat run 8.2 mile run.  Hosted run with MVS and totally redeemed myself.  2nd to last mile was 7:55!  (1:10:40/8:34 pace)
sun bike   16 mile bike on Josh's loop.  Avg pace was 13.6 mph I think.

this past week was soooo hot that i actually thought, is winter almost here?  then i had to slap myself for having such vile thoughts.  i AM trying to embrace the heat and acclimate, but friday was 80 degrees with 80% humidity by 6 am when i left for my long run and there was just no coping.  i think that i will attempt the same exact route next week and pretend like this week didn't even happen.  no walking!!

not much going on otherwise.  marathon training is in full swing and my mileage is increasing each week.  this time around i've been feeling really strong and have avoided the shin splints and heel pain that messed with me during seattle training.

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