Monday, July 18, 2011

week 3 training

i wish i could just find a format for this blog and stick with it.  you know, consistency and all that.  but for now, you will all just have to deal with my blogger ADD as i attempt to figure out what works best.

so for right now, i am going to try and start posting my weekly workout notes on mondays for the remainder of the weeks leading up to the smuttynose hampton marathon (yes, i officially signed up.  it is on oct 2 and there are precisely 11 weeks of training remaining.  eeek!)

this week was jam packed even tho i didn't plan it that way.  josh and i picked up our new bikes on wednesday, and proceeded to ride them 3 out of the next 4 days.  i guess we like them or something.  :)  my long run this week didn't go quite as i had planned due to the really-starting-to-get-on-my-nerves-excessive-heat.  plus i'm doing most of my runs with my smuttynose partner in crime, and running while talking is new to me, so i'm still finding my zone with that.

11 weeks to go:
totals: swim: 2000 yds, bike: 33 miles, run: 29.3 miles
mon 5.5 mile run.  HOT so not what I had planned (49:20/8:58 pace)
tues 5 mile run.  Track workout (800 WU, 5x400 in relay).  Treadmill 3.25 miles @ 9 min/mile.
wed rest
thurs 6 mile run (51:37/8:36 pace) (1.5 WU, 3@5k pace, 1.5 CD) (8:04, 7:45, 7:34) PLUS 6.5 mile bike (to Haverhill freeway)
fri 6.5 mile bike (to Haverhill freeway) PLUS 1.6 mile run slow (10ish pace)
sat 2000 yd pool swim, 45 mins (100 WU, 3X500 free with 100 kicks, 100 CD)
sun 11.2 mile run.  HOT.  (1:45:19/9:22 pace) PLUS 20 mile bike on bike path

and since no good blog is complete without a pic, here ya go (borrowed from sis)


  1. Who is the smuttynose partner in crime?? I have two choices for the answer...
    Hah, we're still in the 80's. But I feel your pain...Love, Mom

  2. my new running friend jess is my smuttynose partner in crime. not very much criminal behavior really. mostly running. i just like saying that. :)